Chi Para-Medical Aesthetics Skin Care

Chi’s total skin care range will give you amazing results, with the step by step application system making product use simple.

Skin Care

Chi’s skin care

Chi’s scientifically engineered products have been designed with the collaboration of our industry professionals and some of the world’s leading bio-chemists. The result… a powerful serum based skin care range which uses only pure, globally sourced ingredients, free of SLS, parabens, petroleum, artificial colours and fragrances. Chi’s products are also capable of complementing existing skin care ranges or can be used exclusively to achieve outstanding results. The range consists of cleansers, spritz, serums, moisturisers, eye creams, exfoliants and masks. Chi also makes a valuable contribution to the environment, with a strong commitment to supporting the WWF, Carbon Neutral, and backs the ethical treatment of animals within the cosmetic industry, with none of their products tested on animals.