Development of pigmentation

Over exposure to the suns UV rays, especially to exposed areas such as your face and backs of the hands can lead to the development of pigmentation. Commonly, people tend to notice signs of photo ageing (including pigmentation) during their mid to late 30’s, as a consequence to years of chronic sun exposure with 80-90% of cases caused by sun damage. Prior to treatment it is always strongly recommended that you consult with your GP, in order eliminate the possibility of any more serious issues. Should we identify any unusual lesions the clinic will suggest a referral for medical assessment of the area in question, prior to any further treatment.


Pigmentation spots

Pigmentation spots have many names: liver spots, age spots, sun spots and can be effectively treated with our intense pulsed light (IPL) machine which targets the excess pigment. Most people need 4-6 treatments at fortnightly intervals but many people can see great results after 3-4 treatments.

The treatment is non-invasive and can be applied to any area of the skin, with no down time post treatment.

To ensure your treatments success it is important to adhere to the recommended skin care products as part of your post treatment program.