Electrolysis hair removal

Excess facial or body hair can be annoying, embarrassing and significantly affect the way it makes you look and feel.


Unwanted hair

Unwanted hair grows for many reasons and can be removed by many methods, some temporary, others semi-permanent and with electrolysis it is permanent.

At our clinic we remove the vast majority of unwanted hair by IPL laser treatment. However, that is not right for everyone. IPL or laser cannot reduce or eliminate white, very blond or red hairs, but electrolysis can. Also, some people’s skin isn’t suitable for IPL or laser so electrolysis is very a good option for them.

Regardless of your skin colour electrolysis can prove successful in permanently removing the hair. Electrolysis has been used for over 140 years in successfully permanently removing unwanted hair, not only on the face but all other parts of the body. You can also be treated according to what you would like the hair growth pattern to be, or not in this case.