February 11th, 2016


Evolve Skin Rejuvenation Clinic’s fantastic Collagen Induction Therapy is just what you need to keep turn back time, keep you looking fresh, and with little to no downtime!… so no one ever needs to know. (Although, we don’t mind if you tell your friends because they will definitely notice the difference with your skin!

The treatment uses the CIT Ch i Pen which is a revolutionary handheld device that delivers the sensational benefits of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). The one use sterile cartridge contains 12 very-fine needles that create thousands of micro-channels within the skin, to stimulate what we like to call the “wound healing response.” This is turn creates the stimulation of collagen, alleviating the appearance of acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles… even stretch marks!! This amazing treatment is the only skin treatment that stimulates your skin to create its very own collagen, without ablation, heat or chemicals.

Our CIT Treatment – Evolve Skin Rejuvenation

During your CIT, our skin therapist will move the pen over areas of your face to create as many micro channels as possible, changing the penetration depth according to the thickness of the skin. As the pen operates you will feel a light tingling, or “prickly” sensation, but it is not painful. Even pinpoint bleeding that can occur with a deeper treatment, usually only leaves redness and mild inflammation for 2-4 days max! The treatment finishes with the application of Epithelial Growth Factor and LED therapy to calm and heal the skin. No other products are applied until the following day. You may see a temporary reddening for up to 24-48 hours post treatment and/or it may also create a sensation similar to a mild sunburn. LYCD and Green Tea Serums are provided as your home care for the 4 days post treatment.

After 4-6 days you return to the clinic for a Bio Enzyme treatment to treat the skin rejuvenation response from the CIT treatment. We perform a lymph drainage because you may not see it on the surface but your cells have gone into overload during repair mode. Lymph Drainage helps stimulate lymph movement to reduce puffiness and clean the skin in the epidermis. The Chi Bio Enzyme peel with help eliminate any flakiness on the skin.

Day 14 is when you have your Kakadu Plum Nano Infusion. This treatment is performed with the same pen but this time with the Nano Infusion Disc. During the Kakadu Plum Infusion the skin is coated with Kakadu Plum Serum, The wonder fruit form Arnhem Land, prior to treatment so the active ingredients are continuously pushed into the skin.

At Evolve Skin Rejuvenation Clinic our highly qualified therapists will ensure they know your skin’s needs and your personal goals, so you can rest assured that this very effective treatment is done with care and expertise. As you would imagine, the speed at which you will get visible results depends upon what you are trying to treat, along with the degree of collagen remodelling your body will need to do in the treated area. A personalised home care regimen is ALWAYS prescribed by our skin therapists and tailored to suit your particular need(s).

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