Acne or pimply skin

Acne or just pimply skin can be devastating. Often it can be improved and in some cases controlled simply by changing your skin products and make up as there are ingredients in these products that can aggravate skin in some predisposed individuals leading to pimples, whiteheads or blackheads. Pimples occur within the hair follicle/oil glad (pilosebaceous unit-PSU) from a combination of overactive oil glands, excess skin shedding (keratinisation) and or excess bacteria that reside within the PSU.

This combination can result in oily skin conditions like blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules or even deep acne cysts, where often the exit pathway of the PSU gets blocked with a plug of shedding cells combined with oil. Whether a pimple forms then depends on the bacteria involved.

Oil production is controlled by hormones and it is this we need to normalize. Multiple clinical studies have failed to show a clear cause effect relationship between certain foods and acne. However there is now a growing body of evidence that a diet heavy in high GI foods (high sugar loadings) can lead to skin problems in some individuals. Besides many people can clearly identify that eating certain foods will likely result in increased pimple activity.

So to help your skin you need good guidance on skin care, make up (if you wear it) and other treatments.  We will guide you to the correct skin care and make up.  Our Chi’s Green Tea cleanser and Clarity serum will be very helpful reducing acne lesions.  A regular Medi-cleanse facial can also be very beneficial. A series 6-8 of IPL of bi weekly or weekly sessions can change the bacteria on the skin and fantastic results can be achieved with the recommended home care


GP discussion

In bad cases we will direct you to your GP for discussion and review as there may be underlying medical conditions that need to be investigated.  Your GP may give you specific prescription medication like Adapalene, and in really bad cases your GP may refer you to a dermatologist for possible Roaccutane.

The whole aim is to guide you in the right direction and set up a plan for you to help improve your skin.  We need to reduce the likelihood of acne scarring as that will remain with you for the rest of your life.